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Fine View Ports As per Your Requirements Now

For applications with high or low temperatures, long service life, high radiation load and as long as very low permeability is important, metal seals must be used instead of elastomer seals. Materials commonly used for the metal seals are aluminum and copper, and in some cases, even silver and gold, which are primarily indiums in refrigeration technology. Gold, silver and indium are mainly used as linear seals, and aluminum is also used as a shaped seal. There are also elastic metal coated seals.

The Support of the Metal Seals

Metal seals require high contact pressures. They are plastically deformed during assembly and can only be used once. Screws or fasteners must be dimensioned to maintain a specific contact force of up to 600 N/mm in each mode of operation.

The Perfect Sealing

The three-eccentric metal hard sealing butterfly valve has high temperature resistance, light operation, no friction in opening and closing, and the seal is compensated with the increase of the torque of the transmission mechanism when closing, which improves the sealing performance of the butterfly valve and prolongs the service life. But it still has structural problems. At present, as a component used to realize the on-off and flow control of pipeline systems, it has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, and hydropower.

  • In the well-known butterfly valve technology, the sealing form is mostly in the form of a seal, and the sealing material is rubber or the like. Due to structural limitations, it is not suitable for industries such as high temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. The Manufacturers of View ports know this and they make the view ports accordingly.
  • A relatively advanced butterfly valve is a D43H, D343H type metal hard sealing butterfly valve. The valve body and the valve seat are connected members, and the sealing surface layer of the valve seat is welded with temperature and corrosion resistant alloy material. The multi-layer soft stack sealing ring is fixed on the valve plate.
  • Compared with the traditional butterfly valve, the butterfly valve has high temperature resistance, is light in operation, and has no friction in opening and closing. When closing, the seal is compensated with the increase of the torque of the transmission mechanism, and the butterfly valve is improved.

The sealing performance and the advantage of extending the service life. Structural features of the triple eccentric metal sealing butterfly valve The eccentric metal sealing butterfly valve’s disc rotating center (ie, the valve shaft center) forms a size A offset with the disc sealing surface and forms a B offset with the valve body center line; The center line of the sealing surface forms an angular position with an angle β of the center line of the valve seat (i.e., the center line of the valve body).