Understanding SportsWith Kevin Sheehan

Technical and Tactical aspects

The technical aspect represents all the technical gestures and skills to master in a given sport, often the mechanical side of a movement. Each of the sports and sports disciplines encompasses a multitude of technical points to develop. Sports celebrities such as Kevin Sheehan usually adapt these type of tactics for great success in the industry.


The tactical aspect is the strategic side of the sport. This is both the general understanding of the sport, the application of game specific strategies and the overall vision of the game. It may be the application of a game plan that has been established by the coach or the decisions that you take individually during your performance. The strong athlete will not hesitate to adapt his game according to the context. Thus, he will find the solutions to achieve victory. Here are some examples:


Hockey or ringette: opt for a defensive or defensive strategy, play in a man-to-man coverage of the opponent, strategic positioning on the ice (e.g. in front of the net to take advantage of the rebounds granted by the goalkeeper), do I make a pass to my teammate or I take a net throw, etc.?

Tennis: deciding to constantly put pressure on the opponent by going to the net is a strategic choice, stay in the back ground and promote consistency is another strategy, the choice of the type of service in first or second ball is as good the tactical aspect (e.g. do I go in power on the T or rather with a pronounced outgoing effect to eject the player from the field?), etc.

Speed ​​Skating, Cross-Country Skiing, Cycling, Athletics and More: Managing your energy well throughout the race requires a tactical approach (e.g. do I start quickly to distance myself from my opponents or do I keep my energies for the end?), is it a good time to make an overtaking, etc.?


Physical Aspect


The physical aspect is probably the easiest to understand. This is what affects the body of athletes such as Sheehan. It is simply developing and perfecting the physical attributes necessary for the specific needs of the sport you practice. Each sport has its particularities. Your physical training should reflect as closely as possible the nature of your sport. Here are some examples:

Hockey: need both good cardiovascular endurance and power to explode during accelerations, muscle mass is not to neglect when checking is allowed, etc.