How To Get Your Home Bug-Free And Clean

Handy is a company that helps people find professionals to get their to-do list around the house done. They have a platform that helps facilitate the process for people find the exact person they would like to hire for the job. There are many reasons why people may need a professional cleaner or even someone to help them put shelves up together.


Keeping your space bug-free

Since spring is here, with the warmer temperatures come bugs. It is good to know just how to deal with the extra roomies you will get in your space. There are things to know to best deal with the extra creepy crawlies. There are natural ways this can be done to deter them from your space. There is a solution you can use that is compromised of 50% water and 50% white vinegar that are very safe for you and the pets you live with and it will not hurt the bugs. Since it is diluted, the acetic acid in the vinegar will encourage the bugs to find a home somewhere else.

There are a lot of pesticides on the market, which contain some level of poison that can harm your health and at those levels, kill the bugs that would like to make a home in yours.  The places to spray the solution are around your window frames both indoor and outdoor. Just make sure it is will diluted with water since it will simply lead the bugs to find a home somewhere else and not be as devastating to them.


Handy tips to keep your home in order

Once you get the bug situation under control, it is good to take a look inside and make sure your space is well organized and clean. There will be a certain space in your house you would like to organize since looking at it always gives anxiety and makes you feel stressed out. It is best to tackle the mess to make you love your home even more so you don’t need to have that feeling walking by that part of your home. It will make you enjoy your home even more and give you a relaxed sense when you are at home. Handy will facilitate the transaction of placing a cleaning professional with you to get your home looking good and organized. That is the best part of their platform; their professionals are all vetted.

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