What makes a Global App reach Wider Netizen

That we want our web shop to be clearly visible on the smartphone and tablet seems clear to me. What options are there to enter this growing market and which option fits best with your company? Do you have to develop a separate mobile web shop or application next to your web shop, or make your current web shop responsive?

M-commerce has boomed the past year. Of course you do not have to, but I advise you to consider all options well, in this time where the expectations of the consumer are increasing. To make your choice easier, you will find all the advantages and disadvantages in this blog.


There are different types of applications, we do not go into that deeply now. In order to keep things simple, in this article I only talk about the native app, the apps we find in the app store. The app seems to be a real must-have for companies. Your own app available in the App Store, who does not want that? But is this really so wise? When is it relevant to have your own app developed?

Apps are fast, user-friendly and can use features of your phone such as your camera and your address book. In addition, apps are great for customer engagement; an app brings a great experience with it. Opposite these advantages is that for each platform (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) you have to develop a separate app, in a different programming language. In addition, the content of the app can only be found when you have installed the app.

Many users per platform

Developing an app is really only useful if you have many users per platform and offer them something that people use regularly. With this, travel times can be requested quickly and without internet. When you are on the move, long loading times can be very frustrating. With the app you have fast travel information everywhere. You can quickly look back on planned trips in advance. Another reason why the app has chosen an app is the connection with GPS on your smartphone. This would not be possible on a website. The Global apps forum is a perfect example of the same.

An app for experience

The app is also a conscious choice for different subjects. It is an experience. An app is the perfect solution for this. Almost nobody wants to read a magazine on a laptop on a PC, but on a tablet this is useful. There is the option to click through in an article, advertisement or image, which can be done in a paper magazine.

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